I was, I am, I will be

Rainbow child

It will be quiet

and I am

will turn to

I was.

I am

certain I can bend Time

to peep around the corner and see who cries

and who lies that they were my friend.

I will

not end.

I’ve seen it already

an infinite streak of green – steady and calm I’ll walk forever England

this green and pleasant land

and I will not want to go back anymore.

I lived fast

I chased the past

and those who made my life seem to last forever may cry at night

in sleepless pillows in guilty beds.

I will

be free.

I will

always be me.

I already have one foot in that green and pleasant land

and I dance with my father there…..

who will care when I step over?

They’ll think

I am

over but they’ll be wrong.

Each time I was down

I was

never out

so why should this be any different?

They will say they knew me but they never did.

I hid.

But there

I will

be truly free.

I see it in my sleep and I smile.


I will

be truly me.

I’ll keep on marching.

Time will shine with the birdsong

and the trees will whisper my name.

Yes…’Life will never be the same’…

and although some may regret the things they’ve done

and some may laugh endlessly over the things I did

and a few will remember where I hid…..

I will


Alice Smith 2019

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