Poison apple

What is your poison apple? Everyone has one. It tasted so juicy at the time. You really enjoyed it. You wanted more. And in some ways you have spent your life trying to get more bites of that big red juicy apple. Mine is alcohol. What is yours?

Bite me


Snow white was a vain bitch. It’s true. Her vanity was her greatest weakness and of course the witch exploits it. First she sells her a corset to make her waist trim. Snow White thinks that’s cheaper than liposcution but ends up unable to breathe. Next the witch sells her a comb to make her hair look lovely because she’s worth it. Who wouldn’t ignore the warnings to get glossier hair? The comb pierces her head and down she falls.


Fruit and veg

Next the witch (quite clearly is a destructive psychopath who will not stop!) tries a juicy red apple. Snow White has learnt! she is not falling for that old trick – until the witch takes a bite from the other side. All is good. And it looks so crunchy. Crunch. Bite. Down she goes and off to a glass coffin which is the Disney equivalent of a life support machine. Suspended in time and all that time is a gift for her to think about what she has done. Lucky girl. Who needs a naughty step?

Glass coffin

No harm done – honest

The truth is everyone has a red apple. It may be alcohol, drugs, sex, tv, spending money, clothes shopping, over eating, promiscuity or ebay. It’s that one thing that we spend our time trying to get enough of and ignoring our friends and family who tell us not to open the door to strangers. We know it’s our apple when we catch ourselves saying ‘Well === tried it and they are ok. It didn’t harm them.’

They are not us.

Dance on tables please

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have prickled at my sobriety like an antsy cat. They are free to drink themselves into oblivion or ration glasses of wine and say they do not have a drink problem. Fine with me.

I cannot have just one drink.

I cannot have just one bite of my apple.

Because my impulse control switch is faulty with alcohol I must not activate it . Even though I do end up dancing on tables in my underwear and yes that’s fun for people to watch I don’t want to eat apples for other people’s facebook feeds anymore. Do you? Whose life is this?

Fun to watch?

Just say no. Why?

The 361 can help you to identify your posion apple. You may say it’s a man that you just keep going back to but it’s never a person. It’s a habit. Snow White’s problem wasn’t the witch . She was locked out of her house! It was her vanity. So your poison apple is faulty sexual impulse control not the man. And possibly your fix is the emotional fallout every time – the emotional roller coaster that provides your body with natural and unnatural highs.

The 361 helps you to clearly identify the weaknesses that the witches in your life are exploiting the f=== out for their own benefit. It may not be about hair combs and corsets anymore but there are still apples. 361 helps you to find the one step away from that posion apple. The ability to say no – and more importantly – develop your answer as to why you are saying no. That’s important if you want to continue. 361 helps you to find the apples and then place them back in the basket with a no. Find the one. The 361.

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