Alcohol is a God

Our lives become shrines very easily. What do I mean by this? We all want to keep things the same – good or bad. When someone dies we may keep a room the same. Or stay in a house that we shared with them. When we earn a lot of money, our house may be a shrine to materialism with 2 cars on the drive and an immaculate lawn. We may change our appearance because we are worshipping the idol of celebrity. Our faces or our wardrobes could be our shrines. Or maybe we have the car of our dreams and every Sunday we wash and shine up the body work, kneeling as if in prayer.

These are all shrines.

Our lives can become shrines very easily.

Shrines are not always clean and tidy. The addict’s shrine looks very different, We have all driven past university accommodation and seen the bottles of beer in the windows. Shrines to alcoholism. What may start out as a bit of fun when we are in our 20s can look very different at 50. The floor of the city centre at night time, the hostel and the bus stop in Winter. All dirty shrines to the alcohol we worshipped for 30 years. This is a god that does not reward us.

Why do we find it so hard to move on? And why do we worship things like alcohol? I believe this is a symptom of our society. We have become our own gods, lead solely by money and things. This mad rush for the acquisition and collection of things. Stuff. Forever and ever amen.

Consumerism creates shrines. Visit Rome. Visit the Vatican. It is hard to see whether this building is a shrine to God or to materialism. Can it be a shrine to both? No. Can our lives serve both gods? No. We must choose. Alcohol is a jealous god and so is money.

Neither of them can ever be satisfied.

There is no easy way to live in this culture we are in. There are no easy answers. The 361 recovery programme stats us asking questions. But wisdom is knowing that there are sometimes no easy answers. The 361 programme has at its centre a need to escape from the 360 cycles we are in. Whether these are eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Drink, drink, drink. Shop, earn money, shop. The first step to a freedom of sorts is to identify the circles we are in. Only then can we begin to find the first steps out of addiction.

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