Goal setting 2020 and why sobriety is a bitch

In which I realise that sobriety is a short term, medium and long term goal. Shoot me now. Nearing 3 years sober x

Yes I am drunk in this picture 2016

361 recovery programme.


Alice Smith 2019

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4 thoughts on “Goal setting 2020 and why sobriety is a bitch

  1. The sobriety paradox. All the good stories, the good times happened when drinking. Why give that up? Are we better off sober? I don’t feel better, but I won’t go back.


    1. All the worst timea happened too. And remember the blanks? No neither do I. Why give that up? Well would.you let your mentalist nephew drive your car? No. Why then let the addict drive you? There is a gap between giving up that lifestyle and enjoying sobriety. Stay in that gap, detox and see the Lie thw world is partying in. Now dance

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  2. That is amazing i am moving towards 3. But its like diy. stop the drink, notice lots of things to examine for our recovery. #recovery never ends. Is that what gets you down? The lack of a finish line?


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