The child in me

Run Forrest Run

The child in me

The child in me wants to run with feet and speech

The child in me wants you to love me like a babycakes

bubbling over


and free from constructs and constraints.

You taint her but it washes off.

The child me me says no,

says yes.

She changes her mind without the stress

of wondering if her no should have been yes

or no.

The child in me is a song

she knows its the curious questions she asks

which lead her into wearing the masks that press her eyes tight shut.

She dies by her own sword,

she cuts her own cord.

She is a boy.

She is a girl.

The child in me is inspired

not hot wired to hell.

She is a frequent joker.

She jokes to stop it being real.

She laughs to not feel.

She is a girl.

The child in me runs fast,

flies through the air and breaks it,

slices it.

She prefers being naughty to nice,

her heart melts ice.

She is an ugly girl.

The child in me can’t sit and rest.

It’s a test she fills with laughter…..

happy ever…..

Time is chasing after her but –

you can’t catch this girl.

Find the child in you. Find the one. Find you. The 361 recovery programme for women helps you find your child. She is waiting…..

Alice Smith 2020

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