Small victories

EdFringe 2015

How fabulous am I?

Let me count the ways..

I’m so fabulous I walk around in a daze

of small victories and vintage clothing,

yes I still have self loathing – but now I wear it well.

Edfringe 2015

Small victories are really important for our mental health recovery. Without small victories, we are nothing. We are not human.

Small victories are our small steps. We put one foot in front of the other and we march. We take one day at a time and we count those small victories.

When life is really bad and our mental health is fragile, we must count our small victories.

Here are some examples

I wake up and face the day

I go out

I make a meal

I call up about a bill

I have a shower

I feed the dog/cat/hamster/fish

I pick the children up from school

I buy milk (I once went out for milk and came home with a rocking chair and a gold mini – but no milk)

Living with PTSD, I experienced weeks when I could do none of these things. If you have mental illness, then I am sure that you have too. This is why when we are beginning to function – even for a while – we must count our small victories. Little ways that we have functioned during the day. Because these little ways are actually big things that we can base our recovery upon.

Our small victories are our foundation for our future recovery.

Our small victories are sometimes all that we have. They are enough in that moment.

How will you record your small victories?

I live. I breathe. Enough for now.

They are victories rather than successes. Victories against our mental health, our daily challenges and against the world that judges us. Buy a journal and record them or begin to write them on slips of paper and build a pile. You will see how they grow and maybe you will begin to do more so you can watch them grow! That’s ok. That’s self therapy.

Find the one victory of the day. Find the one. The 361.

Alice Smith 2020

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