361 Coronation – #day1


361 Coronation. The British Coronation. #day1. The British know something about coronations. But they never saw one quite like this.

The British Coronation. We’ll keep calm and carry on as long as we can buy milk. We’ve found our own rhythm and it goes like this: Me, Myself, Mine. Our parents? We may be chips off the old block but the old block is deadwood, stored in a nursing home to dry out way back when. You can’t visit? You never visited anyway. So…..correction. We’ve found our own rhythm and it goes like this: Me, Myself, My children. We are all driftwood sitting in piles of frozen hash browns, new jeeps and fat holiday insurance papers.

The British Coronation. ‘Look at what you’ve done!‘ Now we’re looking from behind our bank accounts. We sold our children out to the system with The Exam Lie and now they see it, now they don’t. Now they see us for what we really are. Now they see through us. It’s not the prom they are crying over, it’s our lies which are contagious and they’re sick – from the system.

The Coronation. Who will be Queen? No one wants to try on this one size fits all darkness. When you are vision impaired, no one votes for a spotlight so we blunder on with Boris, blaming some stray bats in some foreign field.

Forever England

But we’re bound hand to feet to change now. Under a system of ‘no change.’ So it cracks and out seeps a freedom of sorts. To live without the fear of a system that no longer exists. Now how would that feel?

Coronation. The Queen is dead. Long Live the Queen.

Alice Smith 2020. 361 Life Support at http://www.goddesse.co.uk

361 Coronation – daily blogs to testify to the troubled times we are in 2020.

Bear witness to troubled times

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