361 Coronation #day2


361 Coronation. #day 2. The Darkness

I caught the Darkness. I looked at you with suspicion and our similarities became our fear. You breathe, I breathe so what should unite us now keeps us apart. We’ve been living this way for some time, steeped in hatred for one another. Now it’s out there, in your face, no longer hidden by a mask. Our fear is on the streets and the law can’t shake down long enough to keep us in. There will always be those who fiddle whilst Rome burns but their skincare weddings show their ugly. Their desperation is their desperation not to be us. Not to be an ordinary equal but BETTER THAN.

What should unite us sets us apart. I caught the darkness from you but you weren’t born this way. You’ll die this way though, lying listlessly in a stockpiled room you had to pay for with a labour of love. The air is now poison but drink it up. It matches your shoes. Come on over here and sit 1 metre away from me. Tell me that you love me whilst the flames grow higher behind your eyes. Cough to feel. Withdraw from sugar and drink Facebook 24/7. No one knows why we don’t taste anything anymore. We used to love until we caught the darkness. Can you see the future? Or were you born this way?

361 Coronation. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

Alice Smith 2020. 361 Life Support at http://www.goddesse.co.uk.

Coronation. Daily blog to testify to the troubled times we are in.

Bear witness

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