361 Coronation #day 7


361 Coronation. #day7. Uncle Boris

Dear Uncle Boris,

You were fun. We’ve played together under the sun with you for so long. Your tripwire stunt was so funny – and we didn’t even realise it was prophetic.

Party trick

With you, we’ve enjoyed cheap alcohol 24/7, we’ve seen you on the BBC and you have great hair. You fight with our girlfriend who is pregnant and you’re not married – well you are, but to someone else – and she is younger and prettier and that is so cool.

We all want to be your ex wife.

You’ve made us laugh and we love you for that because you’ve never told us off for spacing out every weekend in cannabis heaven. You turn a blind eye to our national opiate problem so we turn a blind eye to the fact you burnt £20 notes in front of homeless people at Eton. Anyway, their numbers are going down. You said so. We know you’re lying to us but Ignorance is our new superpower thanks to our teachers. They’ve taught us to ignore what’s right in front of us.

Now you’re sending us to our rooms for partying and ignoring reality like you told us to. You keep saying these words someone wrote for you that we don’t understand like ‘protect’ and ‘save.’ What about looking after Number 1 Uncle Boris? You tell us there is an invisible killer outside our door but we’ve checked under the bed and there’s nothing but space. It’s the same in the parks and in our gardens too. And from down here, on our knees, thinking…we can see your feet of clay.

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

Alice Smith 2020. Www.goddesse.co.uk

361 Coronation. Daily blog to testify to the troubled times we live in.

Bear witness

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