361 Coronation #day10


361 Coronation. #day10. Beauty is not essential.

361 Coronation. Avoid unnecessary travel. Walk outside once a day. Stay local. Unless you are royalty – or Hollywood royalty – in which case, the garden of just one of your houses is easily bigger than the local park. Which is now closed. Do not pass Go Home. Do not collect £200 Universal Credit. Do not collect anything.

Orwell was right

Beauty spots are not essential? Peer through the railings of your local park and you will see Nature disagreeing with you. Just 10 days in and Spring is already super flourishing without humans throwing their dirty waste all over it. Venice. The beaches. The countryside. Beauty may not be essential to the Western world. Money is. But this is the old way and the old way is not working. The Earth is reclaiming herself and there’s not a thing any government can do about it. Shut the parks and they prosper. The wildlife runs wild and the air breathes a collective sigh of relief. Shut the people inside. They will prosper – maybe not financially thanks to Gove but in other ways we can’t quite see yet. For now, tell them not to walk barefoot on the grass or sit under a tree. Because they might just hear the silence – and within that silence – they might just see this for what it is. Nature isn’t the real virus. We are.

Beauty IS essential for our mental wellbeing. Even if you are stuck in a flat, remember to look out of the window. Look out at night and you will see the same stars that shone on the strength of your ancestors, on world wars and on similar disasters to this one. This is the time to think. This is the time to see. Keep looking out.

Alice Smith 2020

361 Coronation. Daily blog to testify to the troubled times we are living in.

Bear witness

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