Sit with what is dying

There is an ancient practice that – up until the 1970’s-  we have observed in our lives. Sitting with the dying. It’s only with the advent of medical intervention that we stopped. Is this progress? Now most people die in sterile unfriendly atmospheres such as NHS wards or hospices or nursing homes. Now most people die with low paid workers from other countries who are getting paid to witness their death. In a perfunctory way. Is this progress?

But sitting with the dying is still in our makeup. It’s what we have always done as we have evolved. In a way, we miss it in our loves. It is a rite of passage for us. In recovery, we must sit with what is dying. Medicating it may not  make it go away. That may help temporarily. Or bring more problems. Self medication (alcohol and drug taking) takes away the pain but brings its own list of complications. It smells. It is dying. We need to sit with it.

Sit with what? Sit with what is dying in our lives. Our hopes, our dreams, shared love, shared parenting, our marriage, our relationship, the future we created in our minds. Our careers, our homes, our role in a family, our reputation. Our memories. Whatever it is that is dying we must sit with. We must feel it. We must befriend it. Only then can we bury it and create something new from the ashes.

361 activity – Sit with the pain. With an object chosen by you. Find the position. Find the time. Find the courage,. Find the one. The 361.

361 programme coming to you in September 2020. For women survivors – created by women survivors. Call it a gift.

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