Beauty Hunter

You beautiful thing

Believe in beauty, believe in it when every ray of sunshine shows you cobwebs, when everyone tells you there is none and it has gone, don’t listen. Grasp beauty that no one else sees. Hold on to beauty, carry it with grace. Search for beauty, look for it daily. Look for it in your  dark death throes. Find the beauty in the everyday grey days when everyone has turned their back on you, don’t slack! Think upon beauty, live with it instead of with someone, it will replace and fill that sacred space. Make beauty out of the dirt and do not examine your fingernails, carry beauty in your light spirit with a kind eye and always think the best. Care about beauty and defend it. Illuminate it with your smile and your mind, never being unkind to those who abuse you. This will make you ugly.

And don’t think too much – but if you do……think only of beautiful things. Beauty fills us with life force when we feel weakened by abuse. It gives us strength to believe in ourselves. Beauty make us aware of our presence in the world after we stayed small for protection for so long.. 
Find the beauty, Look hard.

Alice Smith. Beauty Hunter. Optimist. April 2021

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