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I want love

I’ve lived my life saying ‘I want love’ and I’ve always believed that I needed it. Now. After 2 divorces, am I missing something? And what sort of love do I need?

There’s a great scene in Rocket Man (Elton John’s biopic) where he hugs himself as a little boy. That little kid had been crying. ‘I want love’ all the way through Elton’s life and he has been ignoring him. It’s not as cliched as it sounds. He only pays him attention once he gets sober and single. This scene is the closest thing I have seen to how recovery really feels on screen. Inside us is that little child crying ‘I want love.’ What sort of love does that child need?A lot of counselling takes you back to childhood and the blame usually goes on your parents. Job done. It’s important don’t get me wrong – of course how you’re are parented affects you. But how about the child? Has anyone ever asked you what your child wanted?Take yourself back to childhood. What did you want as a child? What did you need as a child? The chances are – the things she didn’t get, she is still looking for now in an adult body.

One day my prince will come..and go

We need to grow up! Are you still chasing the love you wanted as a child? As a little girl, I wanted a prince charming. As my body matured, my emotions did not. 361 Life Support is survivor network focusing on emotional education. Some women – like myself – need to learn, relearn or unlearn important lessons about our emotions. At 361 we call this emotional evolution. The goal is for mind, body and emotions to be in alignment. After trauma, divorce or abuse we often need to go back and learn so that our emotions catch up with our bodies. Otherwise we are adult women walking round with childish emotions. I love children but I wouldn’t allow one to drive my car. 361 Life Support is a network of support where we can learn from our failures and from each other with the award winning 361 Recovery. Find the one. The 361.

Alice Smith 2021

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