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1826 no’s

1826 No’s

Alice Smith on 5 years sober

March 2015

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5 years sober. 1826 days. 1826 ways to say no. 1826 no’s to parties, invites, sex with strangers, ‘just one.’ 1826 no’s to family pressure, wearing that, saying this, climbing on tables, falling off tables. 1826 no’s to car parks at 3am, undressing in public toilets, the highs. 1826 no’s to ex’s, meanness, booty calls, filming yourself taking a piss, pressing send. 1826 no’s to taking it, wanting it, selling yourself, betraying yourself. 1826 no’s to the chase, the boredom, the merry go round, the hangover. 1826 no’s to dressing up, throwing up, up, up , up. 1826 no’s to fake apologies, coming down. 1826 no’s to random invitations, invasions of the body and mind, stripping for strangers, falling off the bed. 1826 no’s to waking up in a cardboard box, pleading, lying on the bathroom floor. 1826 no’s to YES! Make it a double for 50p, sticky carpets, blackouts….what? 1826 no’s to empty packets, last legs, stranger confusion. 1826 no’s to sticking it out, swallowing it down, smelly hair. 1826 no’s to waking up bruised, waking up alone, waking up where am I?

March 2022

Here I am. 26th March 2017 Woke up to YES. Woke up sober. 

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