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What do you see?

Alice from 361 Life Support reveals what she learnt at the launch of the Power sharing report at the end of a 2 year power sharing project working with the Sheila McKechnie Foundation in London.

I see you and I see me

Show me what you see when you look at me,

the thoughts that I was not the way you planned’

If stigma means ‘other’ can you see how you ‘other’ people in your daily life?

Can you see Beyond?

Can you see Beyond the status markers? (nice books in your zoom background)

Can you see Beyond the labels? (CEO, activist, survivor, artist)

Can you see Beyond your own destructiveness, Beyond the limits of your own listening? (listening to validate your own pre -judgement aka prejudice)

Can you see yourself in the looking glass – the good and the bad? The complete you?

Can you see the complete Alice?

Can you see your own power, your own privilege, your own chip on your own shoulder?

Can you see the vulnerability of others without patronising or trying to win and can you show your vulnerability in the workplace? Or is it the exclusive responsibility of people like me – survivor – to provide this vulnerability for your event /organisation /funding ……standing way off over the edge whilst you look down from above, then throw down a voucher for #Lovetoshop?

Is everything a trade of power?

Is everyone a transaction – what can I get from you? Is this what networking has become?

The Power sharing project didn’t give us any answers, it created more questions. Better questions. That is progressive. We started off seeing power through 20 different lenses. With uncomfortable conversations (Are you paying us? What are you being paid to facilitate?) the project became transparent and honest and it changed the viewpoints of the members. Not into one homogenous viewpoint but a kaleidoscope. This is magical.

Is ‘This is how it’s always been‘ the end of the conversation? No. From where I am standing, from where I am looking and from what I am seeing – this is how it could be. I am an optimist. How about you?

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One thought on “What do you see?

  1. I hope I see what I have been and what I learned and decided to let slip into the void that others cling to without a deserved remorse. I hope I do better than those dyed in their own saggy wool.

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