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Twilight sleep

Stay high

In part 11 Alice finds some scribbles written whilst high on state induced morphine in the hospital bed series’Connecting to the mother keyboard.’ She has no recollection of writing it.

Purple hazed memory blocker. We are but we are not. It happened and it did not. Holding two truths in the drained purpled half light, half dark to what is real.

Strange drug of choice sleep, half sleep, half awake, more halves that make more than one of me.

Lower than any high, strange drug of choice – royal and purple and fuzzy over the edge of it all. Looking back at clear lights in rooms we don’t belong where they never forget.

Betwixt the night and the day through the holes in the veil of truth. Hanging like cobwebs betwixt the lips, betwixt the sips, betwixt your truth and your lies the gaps we fill with silence and laughter. Eyes straining to see into the violet light of past and confusion. Through the windows flames burn, pinpricks of certainty in a world of no True North. No Truth.

Sleeping leads to dreaming perchance and there is no sleep here for the righteous or the wicked in the twilight where the memories peel away to the silver floor…..

Make mine a double sister!

Alice Smith Wonderland 2022

Alice is recovering from a serious injury and writing a series from the hospital bed ‘Connecting to the mothership.’ This is the only one is was not sober for.


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4 thoughts on “Twilight sleep

  1. “holes in the veil of truth”
    This is how we roll, it seems, disconnected to the veil, unable to grasp its corners to hold it tightly.


  2. “Holes in the Veil” is a book by Beth Overmyer, but it’s more of an action-packed fantasy novel. I think you must’ve added the “truth” bit yourself and it changes completely the emphasis.
    So – we’ll done you, for that creative juxtaposition!


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