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A writer’s heart

A writer’s heart beats best by the sea,

The space filling the spaces in between words

Forged by smiths with ancestral tools,

Writing like a fool in the wilderness,

The wildness of it all,

A writer’s heart.

It’s never contained in a classroom,

It plays the piano silently,

Crawls all over papers like a huge spider,

Creating webs for people to puzzle over.

Dewdrop, rainbow shards and a center too easily breakable.

A writer’s heart beats in the wind,

Beats hard for freedom,

Finds the flow within the tide,

Opens her white frothy heart wide to sunshine, waves and green,

Shrinks from what might have been,

Expands by sharing, shining vivid in a lightning storm,

A solitary nightingale’s cry

In the darkness of these times.

Alice Smith 2022 writer by the sea


Published by 361one

when I write I am a king. Listen to more at 361 live podcast

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