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I’m only lonely -f-o-r- with the truth

Where are you truth?

It holds me…at arm’s length.

Its charms are transitory.

It smells

Like a rat.

It has one eye open waiting for when I open my eyes

So I don’t look down there.

The truth lies under the carpet.

To avoid it, I am tripping high then low.

I can forget it but I can’t stamp on it,

It moves like a little mouse under there

In my underwear.

I’m not lonely, I’m alone

(But sometimes I am lonely

-f-o-r- with the truth.)

It comes and it goes and it can sting or bite or pad me,

That’s when it comes booty calling

To wake me and fuck me

At 3am.

No afterglow. No glow (wham!)

Just me and 3am (Bam!)

And the truth (Thank you ma’am!)

Truth is like a buzzing fly in my ear.

Right for spite.

But I’m not lonely sleeping alone

I’m only lonely -f-o-r- with the truth,


Alice Smith currently dating 3am

Published by 361one

when I write I am a king. Listen to more at 361 live podcast

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