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The sweetness has gone

The endless pursuit of comfort is what exhausts us….. extract from new book being scribbled ny Alice Smith

Comfort writing

It’s only early September but the sweetness has gone, blown away in the wind and replaced with a certain hardness that everyone here eventually wears against the wind.

With no trees hardy enough to survive here we must all look for other signs of Autumn. The changing winds, the scaffolding lazily coming down, set in Spring and forgotten about until now.

Amy clambers in from these September walks restless- they do not give her what the summer walks gave her. They now seem timeless as they held people in their beauty and their sweet scented fullness. Now the air and time is ragged with no promise.of anything else. She lights candles but it’s too soon in the year for them to be the comfort they will be later become.

This endless search for comfort we will spend tireless hours searching for. Ever elusive. If light and heat were enough, then that would be easier but our need for other comforts piles on top of us -company, sweet food with sweet words, other things adults speak of only in the shadows with side glances. The endless pursuit of comfort is what exhausts us and if we find someone to share it with then it’s simply two people seeking comfort together and separately.

Amy sits by the candles to read and the dog – now full of air and food and dreams snuggles at her feet. Even the dog needs comfort she reflects as she opens her current book of choice. The soup bubbles in the bowl and she blows on it absent mindedly. She has become a girl who only eats in the dark- or at least the half light-like her mother.

Alice smith work in progress 2022

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