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Breathless on crutches

Surprise part 11 of Alice’s blog from the hospital bed ‘Connecting to the mother keyboard.’ Covid on crutches!

Four months on crutches and I am a pro. Now it’s time for the advanced stuff. THE CHALLENGE – COVID ON CRUTCHES.

Could you ..yes you!….balance on one crutch and catch your covid vomit in a mug with the other hand? There’s no time to get to the bathroom fool! Your best wool jumper from Next is at stake.

Could you….yes you! on beans again for a week 2 years after being forced to do so during that very first lockdown when no one wore masks in ASDA?

Could you …yes you!….lie in agony as covid fever finds your broken ankle and metal plate and squeezes in like some cancer for a one night stand?

Life on crutches gets hard-core. Sooner or later we max out on reality and without the booze fag tinder chocolate crutches I am waving the white flag. OK karma. You win. Are we done?

Alice Smith is currently recovering from COVID and a serious injury.

Halloween without need of makeup

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