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Say yes to the dress

Wedding dress We are tired Cinderellas in wedding dresses once we hit 40. There is nothing sadder than seeing a middle aged women squeezed into crumpled white hope. Second marriages are as stale as month old wedding cake. What would you do for your wedding dress? Big knickers After my second divorce, I was ropedContinue reading “Say yes to the dress”

Silence. To fill or not to fill? That is the question

1 The two sides of silence Silence can be menacing or silence can be peaceful. Silence can be comforting or silence can make you really uncomfortable and so you blurt your stuff into the silent room because you can’t stop talking!…..breathe…. Silence. To fill or not to fill? That is the question. In marriage numberContinue reading “Silence. To fill or not to fill? That is the question”

Find the one

What is 361 for Women? There are plenty of courses that show you how to do a complete 360 of your life. A complete review of all areas of your life – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. There are 360 degrees in a circle and most of us exist in one circle or another. The weaknessContinue reading “Find the one”