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Ugly girls win

Ugly girls win, We win the war but lose the battles, we win the booby prize. We make you do it. We make you ugly. Ugly girls win. We win the battles but lose the war, drowned in our own self  loathing clothing. We are free from beauty additives,  activated in disgusted sheets  when theContinue reading “Ugly girls win”

1826 no’s

1826 No’s Alice Smith on 5 years sober 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5 years sober. 1826 days. 1826 ways to say no. 1826 no’s to parties, invites, sex with strangers, ‘just one.’ 1826 no’s to family pressure, wearing that, saying this, climbing on tables, falling off tables. 1826 no’s to car parks at 3am,Continue reading “1826 no’s”


This hand made music and grew flowers, it held many hearts but its palm is now dark. This hand made handprints in the moonlight on steamy car windows. This hand held your face and kissed it…and…smiled. Its signature spelled out a mistake made in a minute. I drew a line under a 7 year limboContinue reading “Handsome”