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Dear Lady Bountiful…..

In this series survivor, teacher and coach Alice Smith uncovers the rot inside the charity sector that is supposed to bring about social change for women…In part 1 she introduces us to Lady Bountiful 2023 As an optimist and a survivor I have been in many rooms, many trustee interviews, many projects telling me theyContinue reading “Dear Lady Bountiful…..”

I’m only lonely -f-o-r- with the truth

It holds me…at arm’s length. Its charms are transitory. It smells Like a rat. It has one eye open waiting for when I open my eyes So I don’t look down there. The truth lies under the carpet. To avoid it, I am tripping high then low. I can forget it but I can’t stampContinue reading “I’m only lonely -f-o-r- with the truth”

Burn the merry go round

One more go on the merry go round then Burn it. Turn it fast ’til I can’t feel, peel the layers , reel around the fountain swirl and spit into the breeze as memories freeze then Burn it. Turn it. Turn me on then jump on and join us, come on in, the more theContinue reading “Burn the merry go round”


This hand made music and grew flowers, it held many hearts but its palm is now dark. This hand made handprints in the moonlight on steamy car windows. This hand held your face and kissed it…and…smiled. Its signature spelled out a mistake made in a minute. I drew a line under a 7 year limboContinue reading “Handsome”