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Mind vomit

Sipping my life from bottles, Bottling my tears, Drowning your fears. Simply sipping and sipping and slipping then drinking then gulping and….. Up it comes… Too much life trapped in too many bottles, Too many tears stoppered, Not Enough To drown my fears Only sitting and sipping….never thinking Just gulping and drinking..never thinking and UpContinue reading “Mind vomit”

Dear Mr Blue ….

Dear society, does my pain offend you? Draw curtain. Open mouth. Insert highly toxic morphine. Shut up. Where am I again? Mmmmmm…….make mine a double shot…… Alice Smith writes about pain in part 1 of a series from the hospital bed ‘Connecting to mother keyboard.‘ Society encourages us to medicate whenever we feel pain. NowhereContinue reading “Dear Mr Blue ….”

Excuse me, love. It’s your stop

Drink to – what happened to you? Drink to – what if? Drink as consolation for the lies. Drink for me. Drink to you. Drink to be alone. Drink to feel………afraid. Drink to get back to…… Drink as consolation for what we don’t understand Drinking to forget, to let the memories set. Drinking to STOPContinue reading “Excuse me, love. It’s your stop”

Burn the merry go round

One more go on the merry go round then Burn it. Turn it fast ’til I can’t feel, peel the layers , reel around the fountain swirl and spit into the breeze as memories freeze then Burn it. Turn it. Turn me on then jump on and join us, come on in, the more theContinue reading “Burn the merry go round”

1826 no’s

1826 No’s Alice Smith on 5 years sober 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5 years sober. 1826 days. 1826 ways to say no. 1826 no’s to parties, invites, sex with strangers, ‘just one.’ 1826 no’s to family pressure, wearing that, saying this, climbing on tables, falling off tables. 1826 no’s to car parks at 3am,Continue reading “1826 no’s”

Compassion? Make that a double

Learning to be compassionate with ourselves in sobriety by Harry from 361 Sober Birmingham. Something I have been thinking about this week is trying to be compassionate to ourselves in sobriety. When I was drinking, I often used alcohol to drown out my inner critic. The voice that told me I was too loud, annoying,Continue reading “Compassion? Make that a double”

I have to drink

We convince ourselves we have real choice when really….we never do. Think back. Look in the mirror. You will see that all that talk of choice is just that – talk. We are led by our emotions every time. We are weak. Even I felt weak Out Here – but that was simply because IContinue reading “I have to drink”

Sobriety is a good electrician

‘Doing the work’ in sobriety doesn’t always improve our present but it does reframe our past. It builds a better future self (not slimmer, richer or with 10k followers no – more aligned to our core values.) Doing the work is futuring. It’s Beyond. Horizons arealways moving in sobriety. But instead of Boris moving theContinue reading “Sobriety is a good electrician”

361 Sober – first steps

What are the first steps of sobriety? For me, it’s all about emotional evolution. It’s possible we have emotional gaps from our drinking, our childhood and/or our schooldays. We may have to go back and learn, relearn or unlearn how to manage and express our feelings. When we get sober, it all seems so awkward.Continue reading “361 Sober – first steps”