• Excuse me, love. It’s your stop

    16th May 2022 by

    Drink to – what happened to you? Drink to – what if? Drink as consolation for the lies. Drink for me. Drink to you. Drink to be alone. Drink to feel………afraid. Drink to get back to…… Drink as consolation for what we don’t understand Drinking to forget, to let the memories set. Drinking to STOP… Read more

  • Jesus loves me, loves me not

    16th May 2022 by

    Heaven is full of echoes and Hell tastes of smoke and mistakes. Am I in Heaven or Hell? Where are you? Can I be in both with the backdrop endlessly flickering from one to the other through the chapters of my life? The edge of glory will trip me up, no doubt. Heaven is full… Read more

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