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Sweet shop

In part 7 of her series from the hospital bed Alice asks – what’s your pill?

Happy little pill

What’s your pill?

Is it sweet?

Is it bitter? Stout? Or mild?

Drink as a child, you the willing glass,

Dad pours it with a knowing wink.


They both helped you not to think.

Does cocaine turn you on then turn you off

Spaced out in your small space?

Is sex and friction your pill?

Fictions banging out in your head

Head banging against the bed

And your self,

Suffocating with his hands around your neck?

You put them there remember?

Is it the kids?

Picking them up is a pick me up.

Skids. marks.

Do you care to get your kicks?

Each judgement licks your lollipop,

Heads. Tails.

Throw up……your coin.

Pick your pill.

Swap it. Trade it.Choose it. Lose it.

Alice Smith is recovering from a serious injury and is writing a series of blogs from the hospital bed called ‘Connecting to the mother keyboard.’NHS choice of pill is morphine. Instant hit. Instant peace on the ward. One is still flying over the cuckoo’s nest

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