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Mind vomit

Sipping…. slipping

Sipping my life from bottles,

Bottling my tears,

Drowning your fears.

Simply sipping and sipping and slipping then drinking then gulping and…..

Up it comes…

Too much life trapped in too many bottles,

Too many tears stoppered,

Not Enough

To drown my fears

Only sitting and sipping….never thinking

Just gulping and drinking..never thinking and

Up it comes….

The whole damn lot.

Thoughts. Memories. Blame. Shame. Guilt. Love. Loss. Grief. Mistakes. Regrets. Simply…only…just….

Mind vomit.

Alice Smith 5 1/2 years sober 2022


Published by 361one

when I write I am a king. Listen to more at 361 live podcast

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